Erwin Paulat

Kunststoff- und Metallwaren GmbH

Erwin Paulat | Kunststoff- und Metallwaren GmbH

Our company:
manufacture and sale of key accessories.

We are an innovative family company located in the German region of Rheinland Pfalz.Our products are delivered to more than 20 countries throughout Europe and overseas. With latest technology, we manufacture plastic and metal products.


Our customers

We deliver to wholesalers throughout Europe and overseas.


Our advantages

  • Competitive prices due to automatically production of our products
  • Quick turn-around of orders
  • High quality products made in Germany
  • In-house production and development


Our company history

In 1949, Erwin Paulat invented the first key fob made from plastic. Ursula Paulat took over shortly thereafter the commercial management.
Until today, she leads successfully the interests of the company.During the last 20 years, the company successor Thomas Paulat has changed the production from handmade to fully automatic production. Additionally he has founded an own design and construction department. As a result, we are considered market-leaders in our field, until today.

Nevertheless, we remain a family company. Invention, production, advertising and sales are still in-house and in our own responsibility.


Our highlights

  • 2021 Introduction of a laser cutting and engraving machine for plastics up to 1200 x 800 mm
  • 2020 Production update finished, all machines have been replaced by CNC injection molding machines
  • 2017 New homepage on shop basis
  • 2016 Retrofit manufacturing line – new electrics and servo actuator
  • 2016 Commissioning of a solar cell system with 100 kwh
  • 2015 Purchase of 4 injection molding machines
  • 2010 Introduction ERP system for order processing
  • 2005 Development of Haky key cabinets
  • 2004 Extension of metalworking production and manufacturing of key cabinets
  • 2002 New buildings and extensions of 1.500 m2 allowed more production, stocking and office space
  • 1998 1st prize was achieved in the region of Südpfalz for the innovation of the key rail Haky
  • 1997 Introduction of the Construction department with 3D CAD
  • 1986 Introduction of the fully automatic production line
  • 1949 founded