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Erwin Paulat | Kunststoff- und Metallwaren GmbH
Acrylic pendant

Our services:
Laser engraving and cutting of plastic, in-house toolmaking, customized packaging and injection-moulded parts



Injection molded parts

  • Arburg injection molding machines up to 320 tie bar spacing and 500 kN clamping force
  • Production of injection molded parts with customer tools
  • Production according to the customer’s QM specifications
  • Production lines with fully automated assembly of injection molded parts
Injection molding machine
Photo of last new injection molding machine Production
In-house toolmaking

In-house toolmaking

  • 3D design
  • CNC die sinking
  • Tool reconditioning
  • Spare parts production
  • Conversion of tools
  • Production and development of customized articles

Laser engraving and cutting of plastic

  • Serialized labels:
    • Signs with variable texts and numbering
    • Plant labeling in the industrial sector
    • Labeling signs for the storage area
    • PMMA displays, text and number marks
    • Laser marking of plastic parts

Customized packaging

  • Pouch packaging and blister packaging
  • Labeling according to customer requirements