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Erwin Paulat | Kunststoff- und Metallwaren GmbH

Production and sales of key accessories.
Quality made by Paulat.

Welcome to
Erwin Paulat GmbH in Hatzenbühl

Our family business, founded in 1949 by Erwin and Ursula Paulat, focuses on the manufacture and sale of key accessories.

We manufacture plastic and metal parts “Made in Germany” using state-of-the-art technology and export them to over 20 countries. We attach great importance to traditional values such as quality and service with constant innovation and technical progress. Our products are based on high-quality basic materials and multi-stage quality controls. The wishes of our customers are always at the forefront.

We have remained a family business to this day and look forward to supporting you as a competent partner.

We take responsibility CO2 savings and sustainability on our own location

Since 2016, 50% of our electricity comes from our own 99KWP solar system.

Since 2016, use of CNC toggle lever injection molding machines with minimal energy expenditure in the key chain production.

Since 2001, we have been using production and refrigeration plant waste heat for heating.

For decades, we have been using only pure green electricity.

Since 1949, we recycling our plastics internally.

Current project:

Integration of a network-compatible energy management system (EMS) with battery station, e-charging stations and layer buffer memory.

The use of our own solar power is to be further increased.

With an island solution is intended to ensure that electricity can continue to be produced even in the event of a power failure.